Ethical and Moral Issues

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Catherine Garcia


* Ethics Game Stimulation

The ethics game stimulation was very reflective and gave me a lot of knowledge as to how ethics can play an important part of a crictical business decision. As the quality controls manager of G-Bio Sports I had to make ethical decisions on two issues which I will be disussing in this journal.I will also include the decision making steps I took to ethically address the issues. As well as the lenses I used to make my decisions aqnd how the decisions influced my management. To conclude the journal I will explain how I will use the concepts from this stimulation in my own workplace.

The first ethical issue that was presented in the stimulation was G- Bio Sports went ahead and shipped out a product without waiting for the results from the lab. As quality controls manager I received a email form the lab reporting that there was a low level of contamination found in the product. Although the contamination was below FDA requiremants there is still a chance that it could cause damage to the company or the consumers who use the product. The second ethical issue that was presented in the stimulation was that the FDA changed there requirements for the same product and it no longer reaches FDA reqirements. But the product can be sold in other countries where the product does pass requirements in order to save the company from a loss.

In order for me to make a decision as to how to address these issues I had to into consideration everyone involved and how it affected them. I also had make the decision that I felt was righ and went with not only the ethics I live by but also the morals I have. With the forst ethical issue I had to make a decision as to how much...