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Should the United States continue to use capital punishment is the question that was brought up. I for one do not believe that capital punishment should not be used and should not have been used in the first place. In this argument I will explain my reason and give an example as to some problems that may occur because of some of the ways the punishment is executed.

The first reason I believe that capital punishment should not be used or even used at all is morality. It is just morally wrong to kill another human being regardless of the crime they have committed. Also one should go back to the commandment Thou Shalt Not Kill. If this person that is up for execution has killed someone, raped, molested, etc. they should not be punished by man in such a manner. This is something mankind should leave to our creator. How can the US government have a law against murder and justify murdering a criminal for the same crime or a lessor crime?

Another reason I am against it is because it is pure torture. The article “Execution Rules Still Inhumane,” describes an instance where lethal injection was used in Florida and it took longer than it should have for the inmate to actually die. There were reports from some of the witnesses that the inmate looked like he was suffering during the process. The reason the inmate looked like he was suffering was because the injection was not administered correctly. The cocktail was supposed to have been injected into his veins but instead it was administered into his tissues. This was not performed by an individual that was trained nor have any kind of medical background. Why a person would put another human being through this type of torture? They wouldn’t want this done to them. I use to work in the prison system and learned that the chemicals in the lethal injection are not acceptable for animals. So why use them on human beings?

The US government really needs to think of other ways to punish criminals for the crimes that they...