Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate responsibility is where a company is impacted based on the decisions made that will impact the society, community, employees, and the environment. Each organization is responsible for coming up with new ways to develop strategies to improve CSR. In continuing to strive to improve this function there is a level of commitment. The goal of the organizations is to have a solid business plan included in the culture of the organization focusing on the core values which will assist the company in being successful. If the people are happy business is good.


As companies and organizations grow daily there is a level of expectation for them to give back to the community. There is a level of responsibility or accountability that goes without being said. The community desires for the organization to contribute to the growth and well being of the community. This paper will define corporate responsibility, the need for corporate responsibility, how ready companies are to respond to the need, the values, the pros and the cons, and just how those responsibilities should be communicated.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the provision of financial and non-financial information relating to an organization’s interaction with its physical and social environment. It is the process of communicating the social and environmental effects of an organization’s economic action to a particular interest grouping within society and environmental to the society at large (Zakaria, A., & Simon, G., 2010). Corporate responsibility is normally written into the organizations plans to ensure that they are actively seeking high ethically standards and ways to give back. Leaders are aware that they are expected to offer some type of benefits to the world outside of the organization. The main goal of CSR is for the company to assume a level of responsibility and be responsible for making a positive impact by their actions to serve the...