Amanda Wants Help

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Week 4 Checkpoint: Amanda Wants Help

Amiee Fisher


The proper substance abuse recovery plan for Amanda on her road to recovery should start with a powerful support system Amanda needs her family as well as their support. I believe that Amanda should attend AAA classes several times a week in order to gain that courage and willpower to with stand the pressures of overcoming an addiction .I also believe other professionals should be inserted into her life to help deal with assisting Amanda with the important things such as assistance with finding a job professionals to help Amanda stress less which would help Amanda with the cigarettes as well as with her overall states in Amanda’s background that she is currently staying with a friend all because she feels as if she allowed her family in her life they would just judge her. This is another issue I feel should be addressed something should be set into place as to where Amanda and her parents take the appropriate steps in order to grow again this will help Amanda more than any doctor or pills .this will also greatly decrease her chances of relapsing I believe support systems are the most important when it comes to recovery feel Amanda life has been on the course it has been on because maybe loss of support alcohol and prescription pills sometimes affect people mentally causing them to change and make drastic as well as wrong decisions. When a person feels no one cares they tend to turn into the villain and lose and hope ending with results such as Amanda’s I myself would suggest simple asana classes parenting classes as well as family counseling to help with everything Amanda is facing most important is the support system any long as her family and friends are there to help and guide her through she will be fine.