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In the last nine weeks I have learned a great deal about many different races and ethnic groups. I have also learned a great deal about my own cultural background. The Irish did not have an easy start here in the United States. We were not accepted with open arms by any means. We were viewed as criminals and looked down upon because of our financial status as well. Getting employment in the beginning was no easy task either. We were greeted by help wanted signs followed by Irish need not apply. If all that was not bad enough we were forced to live in slums and ghettos that were run by landlords who overcharged and did no upkeep what so ever. As regards to all that I have learned about all the other ethnic groups, I find that it is amazing that most groups have suffered from prejudice and discrimination. No ethnic groups have come in scot free from acts of discrimination other than the European Americans. I had always figured that at least one or two ethnic groups could have immigrated without an issue. Even Naïve Americans who were here before all others still have suffered greatly.

When it comes to future trends of immigration to 2050, I feel it will continue to increase and our population will grow greatly. According to the stats we reviewed last week it will increase by over 160%. All others will increase as well. But I also feel we will mature as a society and live together without the prejudice and discrimination acts against each other. The only way we can prepare to live amongst each other on an increasing close quarters, seeing how our population will rise greatly, is to learn to live peacefully with other ethnic groups. We need to learn to coexist in harmony in order to make the future of our United States work successfully.