The Glass Ceiling

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"The Glass Ceiling"


"The Glass Ceiling"

Women often find barriers in the military when moving towards the top. This invisible barrier is often called "The Glass Ceiling". This topic is controversial in the military as it is in the civilian work force because Women find barriers when moving towards the top in both areas. While America's last 10 years of war have positioned women into new and far more risky roles across the military, there are still some doors that are closed thus creating “the Glass Ceiling”. The percentages of women in military roles are similarly low as women in the civilian work force, with strikingly fewer women at higher officer ranks and in combat roles. In the United States, 17% of commissioned officers and 14% of noncommissioned officers are women (Department of Defense, 2004). So what do we attribute this low number to? First the fact that the masculine nature of military settings tend to epitomize barriers facing women, In addition because serving in a combat role is one of the key experiences necessary to achieve senior leadership in the military.

The Deontological considerations for allowing Women in the military these Military Occupational Specialty’s (MOS) such as Infantry or Special Operations Is that after 236 years of the military women feel as though they have proven themselves in all facets of the military thus having earned their “merit” because of the fact that they have served their country during a time of War, and shown that they can handle the rigors of the current Operational tempo. Second, the fact that women have proven that they have passed the physical requirements set for the military this is fair equitable compensation. Unfortunately due to the masculine nature of military settings tend to epitomize barriers facing women that serve at any rank. Women in the military are often portrayed as week or unable to “Hack” the combat arms Military occupations (MOS) such as Infantry or Special...