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Chapter 3 Study Guide

North America in the Atlantic World (1640-1720)

1. The English Civil War

a) A series of battles that occurred between 1642-1651 between the Royalists and Parliamentarians of England

b) The Parliamentarians won and replaced the monarchy with the Commonwealth of England (1649-53) and then the Protectorate (1653-59)

2. The Restoration Colonies

a) The lands awarded to nobles by the new king which included New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania (including Delaware), and North and South Carolina

b) Made up six of the thirteen polities of the United States and were dubbed the restoration colonies because they were created by the restored Stuart monarchy

3. James, Duke of York

a) The younger brother of King Charles the II

b) 1664- James and his war ships took New Netherland and the colony was permanently ceded in the province in 1674

4. The Duke’s Laws

a) A legal cod proclaimed in 1665 whish was applied solely to the English settlements on Long Island, only later being extended to the rest of the colony

b) Maintained Dutch forms of local government, confirmed Dutch land titles, and allowed Dutch residents to maintain customary legal practices, each town was permitted to decide which church to send their tax revenues to; 1683 added an elected legislature

5. Sir George Carteret and John Lord Berkley

a) The duke of York re-granted the land between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers – East and West Jersey- to Sir George Carteret and John Lord Berkley in 1664

b) Acted quickly to attract settlers by promising large land grants, limited freedom of religion and a representative assembly; New Jersey grew quickly reaching 32,500 inhabitants by 1726

6. Quakers

a) Also known as members of the “Society of Friends”, began spreading the Quaker message through America

b) Purchased Carteret and Berkley’s land grants

7. William Penn

a) A prominent member of the Quaker community in 1681

b) Was granted the region between Maryland and New York...