Merchant of Venice Rational

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The Merchant of Venice Rational.

Layout of Text

The text layout, which I have chosen shows the title `The Merchant Of Venice’ placed diagonally. This causes the reader to read down the page and not only the title. This emphasis that the reader to read down the page and in that time the reader may pick additional information about the book and its themes. The words love and hate provide a reader an understanding on what the book is about and the themes in the book.


The balancing scale, with money and love either side of it, is a symbol for the themes of the play. The image portrays how Bossanio needed the money to travel Belmont and visit his love Portia. The balancing scale emphasis the point that during the play some characters have to get the right balance of the money needed and the amount of love shown. However the balancing scale can also be interpreted as when Shylock and Antonio were in court and discussing the issue of Shylock cutting a pound of flesh from Antonio. The pot of gold shows how Shylock loves his money more than his daughter Portia.

Choice of Colour

The colour that I have used for the background is a dark colour to symbolize the actions of Shylock. The actions and decisions of Shylock changes the story as asking Antonio for a pound of flesh if he doesn’t pay Shylock back is like a death sentence towards him. The choice of a bright colour for the letters to symbolize the actions of Portia and how she help Bossanio save his friend Antonio from being and many other good deeds by other characters, such as Antonio willing to help his friend Bossanio by lending him money.

Evidence on how I formed my ideas

I developed the idea of the purple background to show how the story can be sad and the actions of Shylock, and how it will affect the play. However the bright letters in contrast show how the play can also be happy and joyful. In addition I have chosen the elegant letter gives the reader a perception of that the story is classic and...