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Space and Place 1

Space and Place

Toreka Lewis

BUS 620 Managerial Marketing

Larry Flegle

August 7, 2011

Space and Place 2

Marketing is extremely important in any business. As stated in Mullins & Walker (2010), “marketing involves decisions crucial to the success of every organization, whether large or small, profit or nonprofit, manufacturer, retailer, or service firm.” (p.4). In this new economy or web-savvy age that we are living in, companies must be able to have not just a physical place for the organization but a digital space for it as well to compete with their online competitors and to shift themselves into the global market that is accessible, available, marketable and viable in every way from exposure, to selling new products, to being the trial blaze with a product or in a certain region to revenue.

In order to make the space and place work is to look over the marketing implications and conduct marketing research segments for the digital and physical locations of any business.

The physical place of a business can be their only, main or just one of many locations. However, it can’t just be placed anywhere. There are strategic steps that must be taken to ensure that the physical location is a place that is safe, friendly, welcoming and assessable to its targeted market. It must follow the process of marketing, which deals with socializing that has needed activities to give customers and organizations the ability to get what they need and want by exchanging with each other to have a continuous relationship. One can’t happen without each other. The customer need businesses to supply their wants and needs and the businesses need customers to continue to exist and be successful. Companies need a place for their businesses to be conducted in whether it is a local place or a corporate location it is a must.

Space and Place 3

Having space and place for a company presents many advantages. Space helps make consumers...