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The Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar Business Forecast Report helps businesses with market assessment, strategic planning and decision making to promote growth and profitability in Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar and is an essential tool for CEOs, Chairmen, Finance Directors/CFOs, Managing Directors, Marketing/Sales Directors with commercial interests in this emerging market.

An influential new analysis of Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar's political, economic and financial prospects through end-2015, just published by award-winning forecasters, Business Monitor International (BMI).

Key Uses

* Forecast the pace and stability of Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar's economic and industry growth through end-2015.

* Identify and evaluate adverse political and economic trends, to facilitate risk mitigation.

* Assess the critical shortcomings of the business environment that pose hidden barriers and costs to corporate profitability.

* Contextualise Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar's country risks against regional peers using BMI's country comparative risk ratings system.

* Target business opportunities in high-growth industry sectors.

* Evaluate external threats to doing business in Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar, including currency volatility, the commodity price boom and protectionist policies.

The Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar Business Forecast Report by Business Monitor International (BMI) includes two major sections: Political Outlook, and Economic Outlook,

Political Outlook:

What are the political risks to doing business in Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar over the next 5-years?

BMI's Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar Country Risk Ratings evaluate the short and medium-term threats posed by government instability, adverse economic policy-making, deterioration in the business environment and external shocks.

Political Outlook Contents

* SWOT Analysis for the Cambodian, Laotian & Burmese Market Political Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities...