Collaborative Management

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Collaborative Knowledge Management, Social Networks,

and Organizational Learning


A Question- How can we manage the knowledge in the age of online collaboration?

The answer lies in the Concept of Knowledge Management which is the capability of an organisation to:

* Create new knowledge.

* Propagate and get broadcasted through the organisation.

* Embody into Product, Service and System.

Process of Knowledge Management is the transformation between tacit and explicit knowledge.”I know how” is tacit and “I know that” is explicit. Knowledge management in the age of online collaboration is concerned about how knowledge is created, shared, learned and reused which effectively helps it to manage Organizational Learning.

Organizational learning is a set of processes by which organizations improve their performance. Performance processes consist of one or more goals, outcome measures, constituent steps, and relevant people, artifacts, and knowledge. Learning processes furthermore require that the organization anticipates and attends to feedback, creates knowledge from that feedback, and takes action based on that knowledge. Relationships among people can be modelled as social networks in which network nodes represent people

and network arcs represent relationships between them (e.g., friendship, advice, supervisor-subordinate relations) that change over time. Social networks also form a resource for collaborative knowledge management i.e. the creation, exchange, and transformation of knowledge. Information technology offers several possibilities for making social networks and collaborative knowledge management more visible, inspectable, and systematic, which may aid the process of organizational learning.

Organisational Learning

The technical view assumes that organizational learning is about the effective processing, interpretation of, and response to, information both inside and outside the organization. This information may be...