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Bill Goodykoontz discusses the best of media in this week’s video. Do you agree with Bill that popular culture and media has become an easy target for people to criticize? Do you think media receives the credit it is due? Explain why or why not. Provide two examples of media sources you think are entertaining as well as valuable media.

Popular culture and media has become an easy target for people to criticize. I feel this way because anyone can become a critic in the world that we live in, using blogs and podcasts as tools. I believe that because it has become easier for people to have a voice, it has also become easier to criticize what were surrounded with daily, popular culture and media. I think that media forms such as photography, music, and films receive proper credit, but I think that television and video games have not. I think this because photography, music, and films have all been accepted as forms of art and have also been accepted as educational tools. I don’t believe that television and video games have received the same merit because they showcase so many types of programming and subject matter. Critics seem to have trouble looking past the negatives to see the positives. Television and video games are not only entertainment and art, but can be very informative and educational as well. One example of a media source that I think of as entertaining as well as valuable media are video games such as Active because they are fitness games that teach gamers about fitness, nutrition, and an all-around healthy lifestyle

From what I have seen, when people see a movie that lacks substance and real entertainment, they single that particular movie out. Sometimes it makes people question if Hollywood is running out of ideas, but usually people will just tell other people that it was not any good.

How do you think the role of news media has changed over the last century? Do you think modern news media creates a better quality of life?

The role of news...