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Ecological Sustainable Development (ESD) Report

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The invention and introduction of industrialization and modernization has provided the human society with better means of manufacture and a greater volume of production (Wayne, 2003). Such increase in the number of production has allowed certain sector of production industry to decrease its human labor, therefore decreasing cost as well as freeing up hands for other economic development in society. For example, the first industrial revolution had allowed commodities such as cotton, clothing, transportation and housing wares to proliferate as the invention of steam power had decreased the human labor needed for farming and food production. The idea was that through technological invention, human lives can be improved substantially and that each individual can obtain more resources and product in the society due to its increase in production and economic development (Thomas, 2010). 

However, the down-side of industrialization and modernization had caused a new problem in resources sustainability across the world. Accounting at this rate of ten thousand newborn human each hour, the total of the human race is expected to reach 50 billion in the year 2050 (Stafford, 2005). Since human race increases at such a dramatic rate, conditions of human society, allocation of resource and the sustainability of the earth environment will have to be changed in accordance with the increase of total human count. Since the total number of human individual is abundant and the earth resource is scarce (Robertson, 1997), the problem faced by each single human individual today is how we can sustain our current industrial, consumption and economic development without creating excessive pollution and wastes to our environment. If the current consumption continues to grow at 7% per annual in terms of electricity, housing needs, food and raw...