Health Policy Reflection

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Health Policy Reflection: The Role of Health Policy Analysts

Audra M. Chavez

Grand Canyon University: HCA - 255

July 10, 2011

Health Policy Reflection

Policy analysts work to influence social and political decisions. Although policy analysts do many things their primary role consists of collecting information, analyzing potential policies and making recommendations, evaluating the outcome of existing policies, and sharing information with the public and government officials (Blanchard, 2007).

Policy analysts need to understand what the policy proposal and political landscape is in order to be able to advise their organization or client appropriately. They need to have the ability to analyze the policy environment and identify the strengths and tendencies that will make a policy more or less likely to be adopted (Social Work, 2009).

One function of policy analysts is to gather information, particularly statistical data, to study the issues and explain the solutions they propose. This process can help to identify any problems and determine the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a proposed policy.

Another function of policy analysts is to analyze potential policies and to make recommendations. If a problem is discovered, a policy analyst creates solutions to resolve the problem and evaluates other proposed solutions. A policy analyst may even take it a step further by determining the cause of the problem.

Policy analysts also evaluate the outcome of existing policies. They may use the statistical data already gathered to determine whether an existing policy has been effective. Also, it is important to look at the cost of the policy compared to the benefit of the maintaining the policy.

Analysts share the information they gather in many different ways, everything from writing books to blogging.

Community health and social problems must be continuously analyzed and researched...