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Internal and external factors affect the four functions of management. Coca Cola’s Chief Executives Officers would need to vote on many factors that affect the running of the company. Formal planning is necessary for all aspects of the Coca Cola Company. Planning allows the Coca Cola Company and its employees to understand what is necessary for the betterment of the company. External factors may include competitors, new products, new packaging, economically competitive prices, or earth friendly concepts. More companies are becoming more ecologically aware.

Organizing involves coordinating individual, economic, material, and many other resources available to the Coca Cola Company. Without these essential resources, the Coca Cola Company would not be the hugely successful company that it is today. Internal factors, which may hinder the Coca Cola Company, can include poor record keeping, unacceptable materials, or improperly trained individuals. External factors may include poor quality of materials from outside vendors or economic hardships from consumers.

Coca Cola Company and its facilities have to lead the company and its employees. If the Coca Cola Company cannot inspire its employees or vendors to produce a quality product, the Coca Cola Company will lose customers and may damage its reputation. If the Coca Cola Company, its employees, or vendors cannot look to each other or outside organizations for leadership, the Coca Cola Company may not be as successful as it could be.

Controlling how the Coca Cola Company uses all of its resources, inside the company and out will allow Coca Cola to succeed. By controlling, everything within the company’s power allows the Coca Cola Company to meet goals, and exceed quality expectations. The four functions of management are necessary to each level of the Coca Cola Company and its facilities.