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TXJ Companies Checkpoint


TXJ Companies Checkpoint

TXJ Companies essentially has no useful methods of security. Their firewalls lack appropriate filtration of malicious incoming and outgoing traffic their kiosks desperately need. The company lacks firewalls on most of the computers connected to the wireless network, and proper installation of security software. TXJ failed to update their data encryption, as they continued to use outdated measures like Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) that hackers find simple to access.

The computers in the TXJ kiosks would greatly benefit from an upgrade that enables them to handle security suites. Their firewalls should be more rigorous concerning blocking and filtering malicious Internet content, and more proactive about featuring pertinent business information. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA,) is a more legitimate solution than WEP because it features 256-bit encryption keys and required aspects of 802.11i. If TXJ tested their wireless networks on a regular basis, they could be certain that security software operates properly and can focus on any remaining risks.

Identity theft and data misplacement resulted in a legal nightmare, as losses totaled over $1 billion dollars during a five-year span from lawsuits. Seventy-five percent of surveyed customers refused to continue purchasing from stores that experienced information theft. Not to mention, banks, and credit card companies stand to lose in excess of $300 million from replacing credit card and account information, and costs associated with fraudulent purchases.

From a moral standpoint, TXJ was negligent of their obligation to secure and maintain accountability of customer information. They not only suffer monetary losses, but TXJ establishes a tarnished reputation in the eyes of the customers and company investors because proprietary secrets were also vulnerable. This lack of concern and responsibility could have been avoided if they had established a secure...