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Entertainment has a direct effect on the culture of society today. The shift toward a quick and aggressive society has created a need for stronger content. This includes movies and shows that depict strong language as well as violence. The shift has also occurred in electronic games for adults and children. The days of entertainment that depicts wholesome families has given way to movies about fighting and shows involving war. Our culture reflects the violence seen in movies and games. This is evident by the increased number of news stories about violence. Culture has seen an increase in sexual activity depicted in every form of entertainment.

The movies and shows today have a strong impact on the culture. There are a number of shows that depict sex and violence regularly. The increase in sexual content has had an influence on additional teens experimenting with sex. Today entertainment is viewed as weak unless it depicts some type of sex coupled with violence. This has forced film makers to adjust with movies about war and sex to remain popular. The shows have also seen a shift toward more explicit material. Shows today showcase intimate encounters involving both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. The expanded role of homosexuals in culture has made this transition possible. Culture is affected by these shows because of the size of the audience today. The increased number of viewers means that the majority of the population is exposed to the content. When movies and shows depict sex and violence it can impact a vast number of people and influence the culture.

The role of electronic games in society has increased to the point that games now influence American culture. The video game has evolved from a small piece of culture to a major part of it. Today technology offers multiple ways for people to experience electronic games. A person can play on the computer or on a video game system. The majority of these games involve a battle of some kind, such as...