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Transitions at Rockwell Collins

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Unit Two

Bridges (2009) states that before a new beginning can take place, people have to end what used to be. Many people do not like endings as it causes fear and uncertainty. People react more to the loss of something rather than the change itself. Companies need to bring losses out in the open, acknowledge them and express concern for the affected people.

With the economic downturn, some companies have had to downsize their work force in an attempt to cut costs. Many companies handle this in dehumanizing ways by dismissing people in front of co-workers, locking them from their offices or sending them an email. Treating employees like this is not only damaging to the employee being let go but can have a dramatic affect on the “survivors” which in turn can severely damage the company. Treating people with common courtesy and decency can go a long way (Murry, 2002).

Rockwell Collins recently closed their division in San Jose California. This site was renowned for their production of advanced tactical displays like those seen in the movie “Top Gun” that allowed fighter pilots to see targeting information without looking down. Due to changing priorities for the Department of Defense and lost bids this plant closed and shifted remaining work to Oregon and Iowa. This decision eliminated approximately 600 jobs and set off a chain reaction of realignment in Rockwell operations (De Witte, 2009).

Treating people with respect and helping to compensate for their losses was instrumental in how Rockwell Collins handled this transition for the employees. Bridges (2009) talks of creating renewal...