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Rating the News Sites

Immediately upon going to, I found that there was a link I could click on to see all of the information about how North Carolina, Virginia, New York, and the rest of the states were preparing for the hurricane named Irene. There are also links that you could click on to view the videos of how bad the situation really is. tells you things such as sustained winds, gusts speeds, and the latitude and longitude of the hurricane. I found it interesting on how the site gives you the hurricane’s projected path, as well as tell you that it was the size of Europe. The site also gives information about what category the hurricane is. Currently, CNN says that Irene will affect the Eastern states over the weekend. You can also recommend the story to people on Facebook with a link. People on Facebook might be inclined to view the link, since you viewed it and shared it with them on Facebook. This increases CNN’s publicity, and more people will view the top stories as a result. CNN has a large article on how severe and to what extinct of how hurricane Irene is causing damage. CNN has information about other hurricanes and tropical storms that can be a threat to the East Coast among other parts of the Islands and States.

Upon going to, I found an article immediately- it had bold letters that said Irene Leaves Flood, Power Outages. This caught my attention and guided me to click on that headline so I could see additional information about the weather, and the damages caused by Irene. When you click the link, you see a big picture of a guy holding a camera or camcorder watching the Whetstone Brooke surge over the falls in downtown Brattleboro Vermont. The bottom of the screen showed you more stories, videos, and how to comment or link the story to social sites. You could choose to either email the story to someone, share it on Facebook, and to share it on twitter. These are the key ways people can spread the story to others, so...