Consumer Credit Scheme of Prime Bank Limited

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 Prime Bank Limited          



Consumer Credit Scheme of Prime Bank  Limited & Comparison with other three  Banks 


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 Prime Bank Limited      

Internship Report On  

Consumer Credit Scheme of Prime Bank  Limited & Comparison with other three  Banks 


Prepared for:

Ms. Syeda Shaharbanu Shahbazi Senior Lecturer Brac Business School Brac University.

Prepared By:

Md. Mehrear Rahman Chowdhury ID- 04204078 Brac Business School Brac University.

Subject: Bus -400

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 Prime Bank Limited      

Date of submission: 23rd June, 2010 




Date: June, 23rd 2010

Ms. Syeda Shaharbanu Shahbazi Senior Lecturer Brac Business School Brac University. Subject: Submission of Internship Report.


Dear Madam, I got an opportunity for internship in Prime Bank Limited, Motijheel Branch and have prepared an internship report on “Consumer credit scheme of Prime Bank Limited and comparison with other three banks.” I think the knowledge that I have gathered during practical work and preparation of the report has enlarged my learning to the field significantly. I have tried my best. There may be some shortcomings. I would be grateful if you consider those as excusable points and I like to thank you for your kind cooperation. I pray and hope that you would be kind enough to accept my report for evaluation and oblige thereby. Thanking you. Sincerely yours, ………………………………………. Md.Mehrear Rahman Chowdhury ID: 04204078 Brac Business School Brac University

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 Prime Bank Limited      


Initially, I would like to express my gratitude to Allah to give me the strength to complete the report within the stipulated time. Internship report is an essential part of BBA program as one can gather practical knowledge within the period of three months by observing and doing the daily works of chosen organization. In this regard my...