Life Satisfaction During Late Adulthood

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With reference to applicable theory and research, discuss the following factors that could influence life satisfaction during late adulthood:

▪ Personal factors

▪ Environmental factors

Table of Contents


Personal Factors

* Personality

* Personal Control

* Mental Health

Environmental Factors

* Health

* Social Activity

* Social Network Supportiveness

* Living Arrangements

* Socioeconomic Status and Education

* Sociopolitical and Sociocultural factors




It is likely that with aging and changing life circumstances, individuals’ values shift in systematic ways, and that these shifts may be accompanied by shifts in the determinants of their subjective judgments of life satisfaction. According to Beutell (2006), “Life satisfaction is an overall assessment of feelings and attitudes about one’s life at a particular point in time ranging from negative to positive.” Life satisfaction may be referred to in related literature as quality of life, psychological adaptation, (subjective or psychological) well-being, or, more commonly, happiness. The determinants of life satisfaction range between personal factors and environmental factors. Personal (internal) factors may constitute, among others, personality; mental health; perceived health; age; gender; and even, religious beliefs. Environmental (external) factors may constitute, among others, physical health; social network supportiveness; social and physical activity; living arrangements; marital status; socioeconomic status; and sociopolitical and sociocultural influences. The uniqueness of every life stage, with its internal and external factors, lends itself to wide-ranging variability in life satisfaction. Our objective in this discussion is to further explore these factors and how they influence life satisfaction in late adulthood. Individuals in late adulthood may have...