Cranston Nissan

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Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” (John Ruskin)

That is why plays a vital role in the corporate world more particularly in the private sector. The end goal of quality is to help the organization to achieve its objectives by providing product or services suitable to customer’s desire. It is not only designed to satisfy the wants and requirements of the business establishment, but to facilitate and expedite the satisfaction of exchange relationship in dynamic environment through creation, distribution, promotion, and pricing of goods and services. This thinking suggests broader range of decision making and problem solving activities that the manager will manage in, that may also that may also require wider range of support that the management has to provide, which may lead to a better product or service quality.

The vital role and/or objective of a manager are to develop quality strategies that will promote as advertise their product / services. Oftentimes, the manager hires the best marketing officer to help him develop and implement such strategies. Sometimes, too the services of advertising agency are availed off. This is so, because competition is very intense in field of business.

Based on the information gathered Cranston Nissan is managed by Steve Jackson, general manager. Basically its body shop which is manage by Jim Boyd and subsequently in the service department through Ted Simon did not able to produce a quality service to Mr. Monahan.

Because of the serious concern that the Cranston Nissan is...