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Campbell has to work with its international suppliers and vendors to understand the market overseas. Campbell also requests its diverse employees to help them figure out the product launch. Campbell surveys its employees in order to learn more about their culture. The product line itself must be adjusted to fit the preferences of the culture. For example, canned soup, though a popular food here in the US, is not the preferred choice in many European countries. Dry soups are much more common in Europe, and the Hispanic consumer prefers spicier soups. Campbell products are available in practically every country in the world. While many of the products Americans know are offered internationally, regional varieties like Watercress and Duck-Gizzard Soup in China and a Cream of Chili Poblano soup in Mexico, have been introduced to respond to cultural differences.

In order to review the same information I have listed You would do the following:


Click on the about us section and navigate through the following sections

Our Company Home

About Us

Campbell Worldwide- this section will help you understand Campbell’s products worlwide

Supplier Requirements/ Supplier Diversity – explains its supplier goals, objective and achievements

My personal experience at campbell’s has been positive. They have built a diverse and inclusive environment where all employees are encouraged to grow, personally and professionally. BRANs (Business Resource Affinity Networks ) such as Campbell African American Network: Asian Network of Campbell: Hispanic Network de Campbell: Our Pride Employee Network: and etc provide a valuable forum for employees from similar backgrounds and interests to network. It was very easy for me to navigate through the website as this is our company homepage.