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To: Allen Powers

From: James Morris

Subject: Air Assault School slots open, need names


Allen, the Air Assault School has sent a request to brigade that they need twenty slots to be filled from our battalion. This of course means that we must submit a portion of our Soldiers to go to the school. Check with the platoon sergeants to get names for submission. We need a total of five to go throughout the company.

Thank you,

James Morris

To: Allen Powers

From: James Morris

Subject: Congratulations, Schools NCOIC


Allen, over the last year since you have been installed as the Company school's NCOIC, you have over came the challenge of putting our Soldiers through school. As you are very well aware, this is no easy task. You must meet the standard and at the same time manage a busy schedule. But I think that you have most definitely overcame this and came on top. Continue to put our Soldiers through school so that they may progress in their own endeavors.


James Morris

The reason why I wrote this routine email the way I did is because it is short, sweet, and to the point. According to Dennis G. Jerz's webpage, he states that a routine email should consist of the following ten key points: Write a meaningful subject line, keep the message focused, avoid attachments, identify yourself clearly, be kind – don't flame, proofread, don't assume privacy, distinguish between formal and informal situations, respond promptly, and show respect and restraint.

The first thing that I would like to point out is my subject line. It says Air Assault School slots open, need names. To me this is to the point and very meaningful. I think that if the intended recipient were to see this he wouldn't even have to open the e-mail to see what is going on.

I would now like to talk about the message or main body of my e-mail. In a few very short sentences I describe to him what I want and what needs to happen in order to accomplish the...