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Business Research Project

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Business Research Project

The title of the research paper I accessed and reviewed for this assignment is Communication Education in Mexico: Overall Trends. In this report the authors outline the recent trends in educational programs teaching forms of communication. I believe the purpose of this report was to show the reader the current state of the educational programs in Mexico as related to communication.

* Business Problem Under Investigation

* The report clearly shows that Mexico’s educational program reflects a growing interest in the various aspects of communication, but the programs are just beginning to expand into other communication-related disciplines. Another problem identified by the research paper deals with the concentration of programs in some areas, creating high rates of competition, and the lack of program availability in other areas. The authors demonstrate this issue further by stating that more than half of the programs are offered in capital cities with a lesser representation in smaller surrounding cities, but almost no programs are offered in rural areas.

* Data Collection

* Data for this research paper was obtained from a database of statistics collected by the Research Center for Applied Communication (CICA) and compared to statistics from previous studies, from 2005 and 2007, conducted by the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education. This data was arranged by general geographic zones and then broken down by state within the geographic areas.




* Researcher’s Conclusions

* The authors determined that 1,006 (Corella et. Al., 2010) programs with a variety of communication-related...