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Final Paper

2012 Peru Wine Association Communications Plan

Consuelo Cordero

Media Relations

George Washington University


The following report details a 2012 communications plan for the Peru Wine Association (PWA). Initially, a background is provided on PWA and the history and origin of the product and quality. The communications plan will outline a public relations strategy to establish an image and identity of Peru wines in the United States and expand product potential. “Whether an organization is trying to enhance its reputation through corporate advertising, to communicate effectively with employees about the rising cost of health care, or simply to get customers to buy more of its products, using a coherent communications strategy is critical”, according to Paul A. Argenti. In order to frame the strategic approach, the PWA communication plan will focus on developing the following three critical components: 1) establish the organization, 2) understand the constituency or target public, and 3) refine an effective message (Argenti, 2009).

The carefully thought-out plan is to competitively position Peruvian wine. The plan embraces the overall corporate vision and objectives and gives focus, purpose and reason to a communications effort. Moreover, PWA’s approach does not begin with tactics or with copying tactics. PWA will candidly assess the tough questions to put a finger on the distinct pulse of the organization and identity of Peru wines (Henderson, 2006).


The PWA is new subsidiary of the Anglo-Peruvian Trading Company, the largest Peruvian beverage distributor in the United States. PWA will oversee the public relations communication strategy for establishing Peru wines in the United States. A variety of communication tools will be applied strategically including the launch of a new web site: Peru has an established, exotic brand linked to the Inca culture and the ruins of...