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Marketing Phase III

DeMontre L. Donelson, Malanie Smith, Corey Stewart, Debra Semien


August 25, 2011

Jason Hernandez

Marketing Phase III

Phase three of the marketing plan focus on the facts of the new TriArch Nike, which introduces the TriArch to the market. This phase summarizes elements of the new comfort, feel, and durability in more detail than previous segments of the new marketing plan. The expected product life cycle disclosed, and the marketing team gives details on the pace at which the product is anticipated to move through its life cycle and illustrate the factors forecasted to affect the movement. The product life cycle made up of four stages and the marketing team will display plans for each stage. The Nike TriArch is set out from other shoes in its class on the market. This part of the marketing plan identifies Nikes innovative plans for the positioning of the TriArch and differentiations strategies. The TriArch will need to be positioned in the market so that consumers recognize the need and value it fulfills. The marketing team also introduces the pricing strategy for the TriArch. The TriArch is not intended for every consumer, so the team needs to keep the target market in mind when setting a price.

Attributes are properties of any product, brand, or service. Attributes of a product or service includes cost, value, and status. The Nike TriArch has several attributes that the organization marketing team believes consumers will find attractive. Nike is already an established superior apparel distributor; therefore the Nike brand has been stamped approved and stands out among competitors. In like manner, what makes Nike brand so unique is the ability of the organization to consistently introduce new and innovative apparel. The organization recognizes that if the company continues to excel by providing new products and strive to cover markets the Nike brand will strengthen.


Nike considered the...