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Maya Calloway Richardson

HRM 531

Instructor: Toni Summers

Individual Assignment: Career Development Plan, Part I

EnviroTech is a newly formed company that is looking to expand its current services to include providing full-service cleaning solutions to organizations in the healthcare industry. Therefore, the company will be taking on new duties and responsibilities that might require a more in-depth analysis to build a successful team. I would employ the use of the following job analysis methods: job performance, observations, and interviews to help build the team.

The job performance method provides information regarding the actual tasks that must be done to fulfill the job requirements. It can also offer insight to the social, physical, and environmental demands that the job may require. The observation method is useful because it allows direct exposure to job demands. It also provides a richer understanding of the job descriptions and requirements. Observation is essential because the expansion may cause a shift in our current roles as sales team members. It will be important to observe what tasks are performed during our full-service cleaning options to better understand how to market this service to gain sales. Interviews with employees can add more detailed information about what needs to be done to maximize sales of this new service. Workers who provide cleaning services and current sales team members can provide specific details about the job that cannot be obtained from any other source. Understanding the tasks that the cleaning team performs provides keen insight to what the sales team needs to do to promote the services. The main job duties for this position are:

* Reach sales goals and objectives set by the management team

* Deliver effective sales pitches and presentations to potential new clients and/or new business opportunities

* Manage and grow existing client base to maximize sales revenue

* Be aware of...