Greensea Tuna Marketing Mix (4p)

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Greenseas Tuna |

Marketing Mix (4P’s)




Greenseas Tuna


Greenseas Tuna was launched in Australia in 1974. Since then, it has steadily been one of the best selling tuna products on the market and has acquired an instantly recognizable brand name and identity. In 2008, Greenseas Tuna gets 60 percent of its sales outside the U.S. Heinz today reported international revenue growth outpaced gains in North America, where consumers are cutting back spending amid declining house values, higher gas prices, and a slowing economy and even against Global Financial Crisis. (Jinks, 2008)

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix of Greenseas Tuna (95g) is categorized into four main sections, 1. Product, 2. Place, 3. Price, 4. Promotion.

1. Product

No matter how effective the promotion and packaging, a firm will find it very difficult to market a product which fails to satisfy a consumer need. According to Greenpeace’s new report card on the canned tuna brands in supermarkets, Greenseas Tuna owes much of its success to a best ranking against, John West, Sirena, Woolworths home brand. (Munro, 2010) However, it could still try harder.

Altering the actual product is potentially a very hazardous act for an established brand name as it risks altering the consumer perceptions of quality built up over decades. Tampering with the recognized core qualities could well damage the integrity of the brand. For Greenseas Tuna (95g), these intrinsic elements of the brand or unique selling points include the:

* Neat, tidy and portable canned packaging

* aerosol package, unique in the count lines market and seen as an important feature which encourages involvement and sharing by consumers

* Well-known slogan – make every seasons, a Greenseason

Moreover, Greenseas flavored tuna now accounts for 48 per cent of the total tuna category and has been a particular success for the Greenseas brand, which enjoyed 11.8 per cent growth for the year compared with the...