Diversity in the Work Environment

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Diversity in the Work Environment

As the American workplace becomes more diverse through globalization, the more important it is to acknowledge and respect the distinction of individual cultures. Although diversity consists of many characteristics, this paper will focus on the diverse language in the health care field. The purpose of this paper is to describe a work environment issue that may have been successfully resolved by the presence of a diverse workgroup, with any possible ramifications being discussed. In addition, any successful outcomes, and lessons learned will also be included.

The issue

While exploring options for hardware and software upgrades for the home care office, I had the opportunity to observe a nurse while she made visits to patient’s homes. On one particular visit, I watched as the nurse knocked on the door, wait for about 15 seconds, and walked into the house. The patient was sitting in the living room waiting for the nurse. Without speaking a word, the nurse proceeded to check the patient’s vitals and take care of a wound that had developed. During this time, the patient accidentally knocked the nurse’s laptop off a nearby table, breaking the outer shell in many places. On the drive back to the office I asked the nurse why no dialogue had taken place. The nurse stated that the patient did not speak English, and was unaware of the patient’s native language. The nurse also made me aware that a family member is usually present that could translate to a small degree for the patient.

Upon my return to the office I spoke to my manager about the broken laptop. We decided if the patient would sign a form stating the facts about the accident, the nurse would be released from any responsibility of having to pay for any repairs. I relayed this information to the nurse under the assumption I would get the signed form returned in a few days. After a few weeks, the nurse finally arrived in my office. I asked the nurse why it...