Csx - Largest Rail Network in the U.S.

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CSX is one of the largest rail networks in the United States. It is an enormous company. CSX owns several subsidiary companies throughout the U.S. and Canada. Some of the companies that CSX owns is Norfolk Southern and Canadian Pacific Railways. CSX’s mission statement is basically, “Our vision is to be the safest, most progressive North American railroad, relentless in the pursuit of customer and employee excellence.” Michael J. Ward, CSX President. CSX’s motto is “no matter what or where you’re shipping, CSX can deliver”. CSX focuses on being successful, and by doing that they concentrate on employees, safety, and the public. CSX works hard to maintain a positive image, and corrects any problems before they escalate. CSX freight includes but is not limited to food, chemicals, consumer goods, coal, automotive products, and intermodal containers. Rail cars can hold up to 3 times more than a truck and is safe and environmentally friendly.


CSX makes shipment convenient and easy for their customers. All shipping transactions must be done on the CSX website. CSX’s website offers e-tools in several formats for easy booking. Customers can ship just about anything by rail. Anyone can ship freight with CSX. To become a customer of CSX you should start by looking up the price, confirm feasibility, complete a credit application, and register for eBusiness. To initiate a shipment, log on to ShipCSX, and order a car for loading.

The first step in the conducting a shipping transaction is to plan: register for ShipCSX, get a price, and get a schedule. The second step in the process is to ship: submit shipping instructions (bill of lading) and divert a car. The 3rd step in the process is to trace your freight: view a waybill, monitor your freight, check emails for alerts, and inquire about any shipping problems. The final step to the shipping process is pay: receive freight bills, pay freight bills. CSX offers a price list by commodity on...