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Appendix C

HUM 130 Week 1 Vocabulary Quiz

| |Define these terms in your own words. |

|1. Immanent |Is the way to experience religion in terms of present time or happening currently. |

|2. Religion |The belief in something supernatural. |

|3. Theistic |Religions basis on a person’s personal relationship with that Devine being. |

|4. Monotheistic |Is if a Devine being is hailed or worship as a single person the religion is called… |

|5. Profane |The basic and everyday happenings or occurrences. |

|6. Polytheistic |A stamp put on a religion that refers to many qualities or personas that a Devine being may |

| |be referred to as. |

|7. Monistic |That while there may be many forms or structures, one thing is constant. |

|8. Dogma |Certain doctrines that are said to be true and regarded as that. |

|9. Nontheistic |Basic form of a religion that has no real person defined as god |

|10. Transcendent |Is the belief that something exists beyond reality. |

|11. Incarnations |Something that is usually not real or visible but sometimes takes the form or shape of |

| |something that can be seen. |

|12. Kensho |One of the...

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