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Final Project


To: MGI Team

From: Henry Tam

Date: July 10, 2011

Subject: HBS Business Plan Contest

After reviewing the recommendations made by a colleague for our group to effectively submit our business plan in time for the Harvard Business School (HBS) contest, it has been determined that our group is in need of some restructuring in order to accomplish the objectives of the group. As a team we collectively provide a wealth of information, experiences, ideas, and expertise; however as a team we will not complete the business plan on time if clearly defined roles and responsibilities are not assigned.

At this time, the following roles and responsibilities will be assigned and reviewed at regularly scheduled meetings conducted by the group.

Director of Business Operations: Alexander “Sasha” Gimpelson

Creative Director: Igor Tkachenko

Assistant Creative Director: Roman Yakub

Software Production and Design: Dav Clark

Music Creative Assistant: Alexander Jan Sartakov

Director of Business Analysis and Development: Henry Tam

Marketing: Dana Soiman

Under these new roles, each member will be required to research ideas, provide input, and forecast potential setbacks in the areas related to their individual areas of expertise. We will conduct bi-weekly meetings to be held on Friday mornings at 8:00am. Upon review of individual schedules, this time and day appeared to work best for everyone involved. The purpose of the bi-weekly meetings is to recap progression of the business plan and make adjustments as needed. The meetings will take place in the conference room and all members are required to attend and must come prepared to share their findings and ideas. Each member is encouraged to bring an idea or suggestion based on the previous meeting as well as a solution to a possible or ongoing problem as discussed in previous meetings. Additionally, respect, constructive and open communication are a must for...