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The American University would be American through and through, with an American management, curriculum, teaching methodology and teaching styles. American professors would identify what equipment would be necessary and oversee all other academic and management decisions to ensure that the university meets U.S. standards. The President of the University would be American for the first ten years, and all courses would be taught in English. The university would, at maximum capacity, accept 5,000 to 10,000 students per year, and would specialize in a number of fields (possibly seven), including business and public administration and biotechnology. In this plan, each field or faculty would be set up by a different American university. To create the American University, the Minister said that the GVN plans to borrow $100 million to fund the purchase of land, construction of buildings, and equipping of laboratories. He is looking to the United States to recruit and fund the faculty and administrators for the first ten years. In his plan, 80% of faculty would be American when the university opens, with the percentage dropping down to 20% at the end of ten years as qualified Vietnamese finish training. Rough initial estimates of costs for the American personnel are $100 million over ten years.

Vietnamese Ph.D.s in the U.S. is part of a larger plan to train 20,000 Ph.D.s, half in Vietnam and half abroad. The United States, through the Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF), currently funds the U.S. study of about 70 Ph.D.s per year, but only in the hard sciences. Vietnam is thus asking for U.S. assistance in creating a system to identify U.S. schools and secure cost reductions or find funding for an additional 160 doctoral candidates each year in order to meet this ambitious goal. Current Vietnamese programs would fund some or all costs for some of these student.


12. The time is ripe to significantly expand educational exchange programs with...