Time and Again by Rainer Marai Rilke

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Time and Again

“Time and Again” by Rainer Maria Rilke is a poem that expresses the author’s feelings about sad love. Rilke shows that he believes love can be deep and dark but when shared with the right person can be a beautiful thing. Rilke suffered an unhappy childhood and throughout his writing career suffered depression and writers block ("Rainer"). After coming out of such a miserable life Rilke was able to write very successful German poems, such as “Time and Again”.

Throughout this poem, Rilke uses symbolism, tone, and diction to express his feelings of love.

Symbolism is used as the main component of this poem, expressing Rilke’s thoughts on sad love. Using symbolism, Rilke shows that in love you must have hope, for without it your love will fail. “Time and Again” brings images of continuity of life, and the hope of love even in the midst of sadness, "lamenting", and death, "names in the churchyard". The poem begins with "the little church-yard", the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a church is hope. People go to church in search for hope with anything, whether it be family, friends, or love. Eventually hope becomes lost, and begins to fade into nothing. Line 3 states, "the frightfully silent ravine where all others end", this represents those who have no faith and are alone, therefore are left silent. Rilke shows through “Time and Again” that even in a ravine of deep, dark sadness, there is always a glimmer of hope, when in the last three lines he shows so much hope it becomes overflowing. Rilke brings back hope by mentioning the two lovers who lay under the trees, which represent continuity permanence. The couple is lying amidst the flowers; these flowers are a symbol for beauty and renewal of love. While the couple lies amongst the flowers and under the tree, they look towards the heavens. The couple looking toward the sky shows a rebirth in hope and love. The entire poem is a symbol for the continuity of life, and how you have hope...