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What is the purpose of a database?

Help people keep track of things.


What is the most commonly used type of database?

relational database


Define the terms data and information. Explain how the two terms differ.

Data - recorded facts and numbers

Information - knowledge derived from data, data in meaningful context, processed data


What problem can occur when a database is processed by more than one user?

one user's work might interfere with another's


Explain the components in figure 1-7.

Fig 1-7: Users DB App SQL DBMS DB

A User uses the Database Application to give SQL commands to the DBMS which reads the database, which sends information back through the DBMS, which passes the information matching the SQL command back to the Database Application, where it is then available to the User.


What does DBMS stand for?

Database management system


What are the functions of the DBMS?

Create, Process, Administer


What is metadata? How does this term pertain to a database?

data about data

You can use it to determine if particular tables, columns, indexes, or other structures exist in a database.


Name the components of an enterprise-class database system.

Users, Applications running over corporate network, E-commerce applications on web server, web portal with reporting applications, XML web services applications, SQL, DBMS, database


What job functions does a database administrator perform?

design, construct, manage the database