Case Study: the Chunnel Project

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Case Study 2 - The Chunnel Project

Case Study 2 – The Chunnel Project: An Examination of Project Procurement Management Practices

Group 1

Kelvin Barnes

Paul Simon Robinson

Foster E Ugbana

Nidhi Vinaik

University of Maryland University College

Project Procurement Management, PMAN 641

Professor Michael C Hagerman

March 29, 2011

The Implementation Phase

Rating Scale: 5—Excellent, 4—Very Good, 3—Good, 2—Poor, 1—Very Poor

|Project Management Area |Implementation Phase |

|Scope Management |2 |

|Time Management |2 |

|Cost Management |2 |

|Quality Management |2 |

|Human Resource Management |3 |

|Communication Management |3 |

|Risk Management |3 |

|Procurement Management |2 |

|Integration Management |4 |

Procurement Management Rating Rationale

The Procurement Management rating of the project is poor for several reasons. First, though the “build-own-transfer” (BOT) plan had its advantages, this arrangement led to conflict of interest that delayed the project. Second, the fixed-price contract type was the wrong for a project that was so complex and unprecedented....