Crm Insurance Implementation - Getting It Right

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CRM Insurance Implementation - Getting it Right

Before embarking on a CRM implementation insurers need to:

1. Understand prospective policy holder requirements

2. Understand what products and services will retain them and increase profitability

• It is imperative that the objective behind the implementation is clearly spelt out and understood. Without this it is almost impossible to proceed further. Clarity of objectives both CRM and general organizational goals is mandatory for Insurance CRM success. It is only against this that the actual results are marked. Goals although varying from company to company should be realistic and benefit the firm in the log run. Establishment of these goals has to be done after excessive scrutiny of company requirements. The more clearly defined objectives are the more chance your CRM implementation has of succeeding.

• Organizations need to understand that the insurance CRM implementation is not merely about technology. CRM encompasses far more than mere technology and transcends to the customer as well. Organizations need to assimilate the fact that it is a combination of people, processes and technology. Obliterating this fact will surely hamper the process.

• Making the customer the focal point and understanding that it is about meeting their needs will go a long way in ensuring success.

• It is imperative that the entire organization realizes the importance of the implantation and endorse it. It requires approval not only from top management but individual employees as well need to give their support Staff need to accept the fact that this will do them good and willingly give off their best customer support effort.

• Implementing in phases is always easier and far less time consuming as well as being cost advantageous. There are always added advantageous when the implementation is done in stages rather than as a one time plan. It facilitates the easy involvement of resources when done on a short term basis,...