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Essay and Reaction to Stephen Covey’s - Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Essay and Reaction to Stephen Covey’s - Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Part One - Text Summary

I believe that the main idea the author is driving home in this book is personal change. Growth comes through change when we are in tune with our emotions, and our true inner being. I believe that we all view and rationalize things through our own paradigms. We have a lifetime of exposure to different experiences that help mold and shape us to the persons we are becoming. One problem that I see with life experiences is that they truly may or may not be principles that reflect our true human nature. Outside influences may often affect how we rationalize or discriminate against, based on our perception. Stephen Covey challenges us to look at our true inner person, and set goals and boundaries that are in cink with who we are and what we believe. When we establish a true value system that is ours and ours alone, we will filter everything through our own set of paradigms. Covey encourages us to write a personal mission statement that helps define who we are and our life values and standards. Establishing these core values and beliefs will help set the standard for how I view and perform not only in my professional career, but also in my personal relationships. These morals will help define who I am and what I stand for. If this is the measuring stick by will I measure myself, then I will certainly want to portray these same standards in my everyday life. If I have the true inner peace; I will demonstrate a deeper commitment to myself in trying to understand others.

I will base my foundation for change from within, by establishing the premise mentioned above. The author, who I believe to be a spiritual person, talks about finding that inner peace. Throughout the book he makes many references to values and the inner strength you find from a higher power. He...