Decisions in Paradise Week 1

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Decisions in Paradise I

Alfred J Robinson

University of Phoenix

Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making


Gary Wiessner

July 19, 2011

Decisions in Paradise Part I

The Island of Kava in the South Pacific has the natural resources, and beauty to become an economic power and a real paradise. Some of problems Kava has experienced is not unlike catastrophes befallen other inhabited islands. But the isle of Kava does have some unique and complex issues. There are many disaster threats tidal waves, typhoons, tornadoes, earthquakes, and volcanoes and Kava has experienced a rash of them recently which has left the island and its inhabitants in turmoil and disarray. Kava has a diverse population of Asian, French, African, Spanish and significant number of Americans. Interestingly over 50 percent of the population is under 15 years old. The resources of Kava coffee, cocoa, petroleum, natural gas, sugar, bananas, fishing, and tourism create the possibility solid foundation for financial recovery.

The challenges are not just facing the current situation but having better preparation for the future. Control Measures are necessary first attempt to preventing an event from occurring, secondly detecting unwanted occurrences to provide warning, and finally measures to repair or restore order after a crisis. The emphasis is to avoid as much disruption, and chaos and keep things functioning as normal as possible. The island economy must be improved and education provided to the citizens. The government must have the ability to identify terrorist threats and deal with them real or perceived. Communication and advertising must be restored and improved to let the outside world get a view of the beauty that is Kava. Bank of America is committed to bring an effort of relief and establish an opportunity that will emblazon the brand of the company in this region.

Bank of America (BAC) will provide a sound financial network that will enable the island population...