Resume Tips on How to Write Your Resume

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Your resume

Your resume is your marketing tool. The purpose of the resume is not to get you the job, but to get an interview. Your resume should outline clearly and concisely what you have to offer a potential employer. It should focus on providing evidence of your knowledge, experience, and education. Potential employers will read your resume to find out what you can do for their organization, how much value you can bring to the company, and if you are a strong candidate for the available position.

The look of your resume

Your resume should be easy to read and key words must stand out, as recruiters rarely spend more than 20-30 seconds reviewing each resume.

• For the most part, one page resumes are best, although depending on your related experience it is possible to go to a second page.

• Highlight relevant terms and experiences (e.g. Master of Business Administration) to draw attention to your accomplishments.

• Bullet each job description, starting each one with strong action verbs, avoid using verbs such as “assisted” and “helped” (there is a list of action verbs attached in this packet.)

• When sending a hard copy of your resume to an employer, be sure to use high quality paper and use a large envelope so that your resume lies flat. Two day priority mailers from the U.S. Postal Service are perfect, attracting attention to the employer.

• Make sure to format your resume so that it is consistent throughout the document.

What to put on your resume

• Personal Information (name, address, phone, email)

• Education

• Experience

• Skills

• Anything else related to your degree/career goals (e.g. school project)

Personal Information

Use only one address, one phone number, and one email address, unless you are targeting a city outside of New England. If you are looking for jobs in your home country use two addresses, if you are looking for a job in California, you should list a Californian address if...