Conflict Management

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a. A brief description of the various sources of resistance to change that you might encounter in implementing your conflict management plan, based upon your readings for this module.

Change is challenging to describe because each organization will face its own challenges and, therefore, its own rationale for change. Likewise, each organization has different resources, company culture and personal dynamics. The leaders of these organizations have fluctuating purposes. Among all variances, one point remains intact and that is change is the only perpetual thing that present day organizations of different types of businesses, sizes and ethnicity have to embrace in order to sustain and withstand.

Sources of resistance to change may be rational or emotional; it can also be rooted in fear. Resistance may be passive or active, but the fact remains that resistance if not taken care at an early stage it can cause major problems to the organization as well as in the implementation of the change.

Marshak (2006) proposes that there are six reasons for resistance which are mindset, reason, emotion, inspiration, politics and Psychodynamics,

b. Your thoughts on possible strategies for responding to the anticipated resistance.

There are a host of strategies that organizations can employ to minimize, manage, and address employee resistance. The strategies that can help with resistance are Building Institutional Support. The support is built on communication, and the “roll-out process” throughout the organization. (Dr. Della Noce, 2010). Theme 2: Building Institutional Support


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