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Culture is the biggest element to influence Gen Y’s travel motivation. Over half of Gen Y population selected Europe as their destination. This is because Europe offers them adventure and cultural experience. European Gen Y prefers a long term travel which is more than three months, and they are most likely to stay in youth hostels. On the other hand, Asian Gen Y prefers a short time travel, but more of them chose Europe as their first choice destination. Because of the short time travel, they chose hostels and motels as accommodations, it cannot bring a heavy economic pressure. The market of Gen Y travel is growing, it is necessary to devise strategies to capture a great proportion of the market. (D. Chadee, Justine Cutler 1996)

The motives for choosing destination between male Gen Y and Female Gen Y are almost same,they more focus on the distance from home to destination, scenery and sopping facilities and visiting friends and relatives. Family and friends are not the most travelling partners, but they are the significant element of decision process. We should pay more attention to the students regional different, it is would be a logical extension of this work (Frost, Federick A. & Shanka, Tekle 1999)

Gen Y’s travel industry is expanding rapidly in recent decade, it is becoming more and more important in global travel market. With the international students increasing, the potential travelers are growing. The main motivation of Gen Y is to explore other (83%), followed by excitement which is 74%. Travel funds becomes the biggest barrier of Gen Y travelling, over 70% of Gen Y earn less than $5000 annually. So it will influence their destination choosing. Travel experience also is the barrier of Gen Y travelling. Most of them have one or more than one time previous travelling experience that reduces their travel positivities. (Richards, G. and Wilson, J. 2003)

Tourism is a potential way to reduce return visit to country through generating some...

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