Inventory System

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College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Cavite Civic Center Aguinaldo Highway

Palico, Imus, Cavite

September 3,2011

Instructor- SAD


We would like to propose the Electronic Inventory System as our project title with the following description:


Inventory systems are used to keep track of stock ordered to keep an accurate account of what is in stock in order to cut costs.   The management of inventory makes a big difference in a business’ profitability.   The concept of an inventory is simple; however the process of keeping the right amount of supplies and equipment may be time consuming and a complex task if not executed properly.   Knowing when to order and how much to order using an inventory system is important for many organizations. It liberates you from countless paper works as computation of the day’s sale and keeping track of inventory are done automatically.

General objective

Objectives of the Study


The primary objective of this study is the inventory control and its cost implications.

This study focuses on the following specific objectives

  * To identify demand and supplies

  * To forecast usage of supplies

  * To develop the inventory control

  * To evaluate the applicability of the inventory control

  * Cost Implications

 * To produce appropriate reports of the sales.

  * To provide easy access for customer to connect in the company through online or web base transaction.


The scope of this system is to provide user efficient working environment and more output can be generated through this. This system provides user friendly interface resulting in knowing each and every usability features of the system.