How Personal Can Ethics Get?

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Running head: Assignment # 1- How personal can ethics get?

Assignment # 1- How personal can ethics get?

BUS520 Professor: Dr. Farshid Moghimi

Melissa K Sexton Smith

July 17, 2011

Strayer University

Assignment #1: Theory and practice of organizational learning

1. Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics

Personal differences and preference impact a company in a pretty strong way. When differences occur between employees, they can be repositioned and not have to directly deal with one another. It’s an entirely different animal when you are dealing with a manager or higher and an employee. This stance becomes a little stickier. From experience, I can say it is downright difficult. When someone becomes unhappy with the way something is done or handled at their job, they tend to not be happy in the job. Personal difference can be reflected onto other employees and, worse yet, on to the customer/client. It hinders the service provided to the customer, or tests the relationship that has been formed. In the case of Valerie, she found that his personal preferences have caused the company to deal with only certain people. With her being in a precarious position with her work visa, she has to deal with the situation or pay the price. This puts her in an awkward position. She can fight against the situation but the problem will not go away. She now has an issue with how Mr. Waters is conducting business and reaping in the benefits. She herself is in a bad position to make anything happen, so now this could affect how she handles herself within the company. She has knowledge that if shared, can possible end her position and send her back to her own country.

Policies and procedures are put in place and used to achieve uniformity, economics, public relations, benefits and other objectives that many be unrelated to recruiting. In the case of Valerie, the policies that are there to protect her are also there to take her...