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MGT 501



I will attempt to examine the Telebank Call Center under the microscope of the socio-technical system. The items to be discussed will touch on are the organizational structure in the traditional terms and how it relates to being a machine. In additional I will look at the major components that make up technical system and social system and how they work together. What kinds of controls are placed over the organization to include the technical system and social system; as well as, inspecting if the overall company goals are being meant. Furthermore, I will then examine if there are any interactions between the technical and social system that affect either system or the management of that system. The last area will be to see if the socio-technical “machine” system is a benefit or of use for the overall good of the organization.

When reviewing the Telebank Call Center it is apparent that this is not a smooth operating machine. The first thing that one could easily notice is that the organization recruitment and hiring practices are much regimented, however very misdirected. The company seeks out people who have certain characteristics then choose not to use those items because of their desire or need for emotional labor. This would also account for the lack of retention within the company. That is the extremely high rate of over 20% of the workforce that leaves after approximately 18 months on the job. In the Telebank Call Center socio-technical system--the technical system is dominated to the social system. This is in direct conflict with the principle of the socio-technical system. Both of these programs must work hand & hand with each other.

Ideally both should be supported by the other. The key is creating a system that works together to get maximum production and ultimately to accomplish the end state of the company and its goals.