Inclusion Practices

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This study aligns with previous studies detailed above (Shade & Stewart, 2001; Cook, 2002; Campbell et al., 2003). It is interesting to note that evidence from this study supports teachers’ perception the inclusion of students with reading disabilities to require the least amount of alterations of instruction “aligns with previous reports that perceptions of students with learning disabilities may not be significantly different from students without identified disabilities” (Wologhyn et al., 2003; Scruggs & Mastropieri, 1996; Wang, Reynolds, & Walberg, 1988). Teacher training institutions should ensure that secondary education teachers take at least one course on human diversity to improve their perceptions of students with disabilities and diverse learning needs.

The study demonstrated that teachers were interested in additional strategies for teaching students with disabilities in the secondary education classroom following one three-unit university course on human diversity. Although perceptions were more positive overall, some teachers still hoped for additional strategies. Future research could analyze methods of incorporating these strategies into secondary education teaching credential programs. Apart from that participants in this study were enrolled in a secondary education teacher preparation program where they completed a major in Liberal Studies or Child and Adolescent Studies and earned a multiple subject credential within four years of a baccalaureate degree program. One requirement of the program was that all teachers complete a three-unit Introduction to Human Diversity course offered within the College of Education during their sophomore or junior year. None of the participants had completed their student teaching semesters. This course was taught by the first author who is a special education professor and who used the same textbook and course materials throughout each of the three 15 week sessions.

Over three semesters in three different...