Diagnosis and Treatment

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Diagnosis and Treatment


BEH 225

July 31, 2011

Ronald Zurchora

Diagnosis and Treatment

The disorder that I found the most interesting from chapter 13 was the Mood Disorders, to be more specific depression. I chose this disorder because it affects so many people in the United States. Millions of people are diagnose or are dealing with some form of depression it has affected some many people it is often referred to as “the common cold”. The good news is that are very effective treatments that are available to help those who are depressed. However, only about one-third of those who are depressed actually receive treatment. This is extremely disheartened information since a majority of those who do seek treatment can feel better within just a few weeks. Many people do not seek treatment for depression for a variety of reasons. Some believe that depression is the result of a personal weakness or character flaw. This is simply not true, another reason many people do not seek help for depression is that they simply do not recognize the signs or symptoms that something may be wrong. Some signs or symptoms of depression are the lack of motivation to do anything. When a person says that they are tried and want to be alone that in itself is normal every now and then however, if they processed to cancel planned engagements or start to isolate themselves from others this maybe the onset of depression. Other signs that a person can notice in themselves is the lack sleep, eat, or ability to fill fulfillment. These symptoms can cause a person to constantly fill overwhelm.

Depression affects the young as well as the old. When depression is seen in the young a majority of the time it is due to a traumatic experience that they are going through. As young children the symptoms could be hard to detect. They could range from delay in speech development to antisocial behaviors. These symptoms in themselves could be blamed on a head injury to that is just how the child...