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OCTOBER , 2010


The problem that I was facing is being a working mother and making the decision on going back to

school to further my education. Each and every person would like to somehow further their education,

but being a working mother and sole provider for my family tends to be very stressful. Now with the

idea of going back to school it makes the situation a lot more complicated. I have been deliberating over

and over and I had to find a solution to my dilemma.

There are a lot of myths in making the transitions of working and going back to college then there’s

also the choice on going to night classes as to doing the classes online. Some myths that I came across

were: college is for only intelligent people, young people, people who have a lot of time to spare, have

families, college classes take a long time to complete, and college professors don’t take the time with

older students. In hearing these myths I realized they couldn’t all be true and I had to get a better

understanding of the process before I could make the decision.

After giving what I heard some deep thought I then started my research to achieving a better future.

I found myself talking with other parents that were attending some night classes. I requested

information from different colleges and I also went as far as calling different colleges and talking to

some of their advisors to help understand the myths that I was debating over.

After doing this I found out some vital information that would help make me make a major decision

in my life. In my research I found out that college is for students with normal and average intelligence,

college is a place full of diversity and it includes people of all ages. To help the working parent/parents

while working, some colleges offer day care to the working parents or the parents that have kids

and don’t work. I also found out...