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* Product

Marigold yoghurt is a delicious and healthy treat that’s been specially formulated to promote a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. Our product is yohgurts with additional toping such as nuts, cereals and chocolate, which can be satified in different segmets. Yoghurts are grouped in a healthy product. Marigold yoghuts would like to improve our competitive advantage by differentiates the products. For example, we will provide the new flavours of yoghurts and also the customers can select their topping that provided. These type of products can be consumed either day or night, therfore the consumers might be boredom easily. We should keep developing the new products or try to modify existing products. Changing in preference of customers, we need to understand and satisfy them with approiate products to meet their varity’s needs. There are three steps to both developing and extending: Generate ideas, screen ideas for feasibility, and test ideas for appeal. Additionally, we should expand our product range to pudding such as soy milk pudding (for old people segment), Fruity pudding (all target segments) and chocolate pudding (youth segment) to increase our market share and profitable.

* Promotion

Promoting the products to consumers can be done out of store, in store and on packaging. Advertisements on television, in magazines (such as magazine about healthy, women and cooking recipe books) banner in public transportations such as MRT, buses etc., billboard on the roads are attempt to persuade consumers to think favorably about a product, so that they go to the store to purchase the product. We can use sale promotion to be our strategy. For example, when we launch the new flavours, we can give the customer for trial or special discount to incentive them to buy it. Coupons such as gift voucher for cent-off for the products. Sale personal in supermarkets to give the information and inspire the customers to make purchase more easily....